1955 Begining
The boy who wanted to create the most beautiful car in the world

When you point a visionary bow to a star and let yourself float on the wings of the dream towards an unpredictable destination, thirsty of perfection and rebel to mediocrity, you carry with you the misterious spring of an ideal. ~ Josè Ingenieros, Argentinian writer

1967 Amazon History
Defeating dragons

From an early age, Horacio was able to carve out its own intimate place in which he could focus on reading car magazines and sketching, inspired by what he read: just from one of these magazines, he was able to learn about the lives and businesses of the undisputed idol of all Argentinians, Juan Manuel Fangio.

1971 Amazon History
"Gustavito" and the minibike.

Horacio Pagani was about fourteen years old when he got a Sachs Televel engine from the 50s as a gift, damaged and out of use. Together with his friend Gustavo Marani, "Gustavito", they were planning to build a go-kart as they shared the same passion for cars, thus they went to Carcarañà, a small village in the surroundings, to purchase four small wheels. When they realized that with one single go-kart they couldn’t have fun together, they soon gave way to the project of two minibikes.