Born from the passion of a little boy, the Zonda C12 is the first Pagani supercar to be constructed at the atelier of San Cesario sul Panaro. The bodywork, inspired to the Silver arrows of the Mercedes C group, encloses the essence of an unmistakable wind, where art and science beautifully combine to create a unique symphony, fascinating and bewildering at the same time. And like a passionate lover, the melodious performance arises from the engine and gradually grows to a fascinating and vertiginous crescendo until blazing bright blue flames come spurting out from the 4 – stroke exhaust system.

A complicated research for simple ideas

Despite the peculiar concept behind its design, the supercar features a fibre carbon monocoque and a Mercedes-Benz AMG engine that is capable of unleashing as much as 394 hp with a maximum torque of 570 Nm.

The choice of mounting the V12 Mercedes engine in a central position has enabled the Zonda C12 to attain high performance levels of torque and power, while achieving overall weight reduction. Furthermore, thanks to the utilization of state-of-the-art composite materials for the chassis and the bodywork, the car structure is highly resistant and light at the same time, while guaranteeing extreme driver comfort.

The Zonda C12 is conceived, designed and developed at the Pagani atelier with utmost passion and objectiveness, with the aim of expressing the perfect blend between art and technology involved in the processing of carbon fibre, enhancing, at the same time, the nature of each material involved in the creation. All this is accomplished with the objective of keeping things simple in terms of lightness, aerodynamics and versatility, with the promise of conveying unique driving emotions, whatever the speed. This promise has surely been lived up to, thanks to the optimized suspension featuring innovative elastokinematic mounts, not to mention the optimal weight distribution and extremely low barycentre.

Space – time: the perfect compromise

Zonda C12, small from the outside and comfortable on the inside, reveals to its passengers an exclusive universe where dreams and reality cross paths thanks to the interior details inspired to past, present and future cultures. The struggle and ambition involved in the creation of a timeless automobile that is able to trigger powerful emotions in virtue of its well-proportioned forms and details, is the key element to the meticulous research for an elaborate, technical design, where great attention is paid to even the most negligible and technical detail.

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